Our Staff is an expert in four-wheel drive repair.

Four-wheel drive means all four wheels are receiving power from the engine simultaneously. Unlike other vehicles, in which only the front or rear wheels turn, all four wheels turn with four-wheel drive. This means superior traction for your vehicle.

Four-wheel drive is also called 4×4 drive and all-wheel drive.

Many people associate the term with off-road driving, but four-wheel drive can be important on city streets also. When conditions are icy or slick, four-wheel drive helps you keep your car under control.

That’s why it’s important to have someone who’s trained, tested, and top of the line make sure your four-wheel drive system is maintained and repaired. Someone like your Automotive Services Guys.

Our Staff is an expert at under car repairs and maintenance. From SUV’s to light trucks to foreign or domestic cars, he’s dedicated to ensuring your vehicle performs safely.

Whether it’s transmission maintenance, CV joint inspection, drive shaft inspection, axle maintenance or fluid replacement, Automotive Services can do it all. We’ll inspect for leaks, cracks and maintain fluid levels to ensure your car runs at peak performance, with uncompromising safety.

For more than thirty years Automotive Services has been helping folks keep their cars running right. We started out with mufflers but since have grown into total car care experts: brakes, shocks, tune-ups, tires, engine repair—you name it, we’re good at it.

So whether your four-wheel drive vehicle is your passport to off road adventures or your protection on slippery winter streets, leave it to your Automotive Services Guys to make sure all four wheels are turning as they should.

For expert four-wheel drive repair…”Don’t Worry. . .Call the Automotive Services Guys!”