Fuel injector cleaning is important to maximizing your car’s performance.

Dirty fuel injectors can result in poor acceleration, lower power, poor fuel economy, rough idling and an incorrect air/fuel mix. They can also lead to higher carbon monoxide emissions—bad news if you have an emissions test on the horizon.

It doesn’t take much to clog your fuel injectors either. Their openings are roughly half the size of a pinhole. And it only takes an 8% to 10% blockage to cause a misfire in your engine.

That’s why it’s so important to have your fuel injectors checked by your Automotive Services Guys.

Our Staff recommends you schedule a fuel injector cleaning every 25,000 miles (owner’s manual.) Drivers who make a lot of short trips or have a lot of miles on their car are especially susceptible to clogged fuel injectors.

Regular fuel injector cleaning will improve your vehicle’s acceleration. You’ll save money on gas and cut down on harmful emissions. It can even extend the life of your engine.

Our Staff is a car care expert. We have the equipment, skills and know-how to keep your fuel injectors flowing and your vehicle running at its best. Whether you drive a car, SUV or light truck. Automotive Services services them all.

So if your car isn’t running right, run right into Automotive Services.
For expert maintenance and service…”Don’t Worry. . .Call the Automotive Services Guys!”